Saturday, March 30, 2013

M'saderet Tikva

Yesh Tikva -
there is hope

for peace in Israel

Yesh Tikva -
there is hope

that it will come
and soon

for embracing friends
hope for embracing foes
hope for renewed leadership
hope for renewing promises

M’kor Tikva, O source of hope,
M’saderet Tikva, O
orderer of hope,

help us embrace and renew
all possible paths to peace,
such that around our seder tables
for many years to come
we can recite with confidence
that "Next Year in Jerusalem"
there will be peace!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

M’kor Tzarut v'Rochav

We children of Israel
find ourselves perched
on the cusp of freedom.

Hodesh Nissan,
it is the month of Mitzrayim,
of narrow straits...
and the only way to get out
of Egypt
is through.

What’s on the other side, remains the question?
Is it Israel, the land of our hopes and dreams?
Is it Israel, the land of complications and war?
Is it Israel, the home of one people?
Or is it Israel, the home of many?

What if it is Israel,
but what that means is different for you and different for me?
If it doesn’t look like what we hoped and dreamed it would look like,
can we turn back?  

Surely we cannot turn back,
surely we cannot turn our backs
even if it's not where we thought we were going.


we are the children of Israel -
and we find ourselves perched
on the cusp of freedom.  

And in this month of Mitzrayim,
we will work together to widen those narrow straits.

M’kor Tzarut v’Rochav,
O source of narrowness and width,
guard our land,
guard her people,
guard all her inhabitants,
and protect us as we build together our most Promised of Lands.